Dating Bot Telegram

The best dating bot for telegram with more than 100k+ users. Find strangers bot allows you to find random strangers and chat with people in telegram.

Chat with girls and guys

If you are looking for a partner, or you just want to chat with some poeple anonymously in telegram. Find stranger bot allows you to chat with girls and guys of any topic.

We protect your privacy

We do believe that anonymous chat must stay anonymous. You can chat without prejudices, without any fears. We don't collet a single bit of your chats data.


  • - Type /start to start a new chat
  • - Find a partner instantly to chat with
  • - Chat anonymously
  • - Close the chat typing /end

Legal notes

We fight pedopornography, violence and it's the only reason for which we ban. Please report an user if you think he violates these rules.